The artist

My Art

My art is not for
everyone nor is it intended to
be. Art is a very subjective
product and I think too many
people make their art
purchases based on how it
matches their couch instead of
how it makes them feel. I
think art should incite
something within one's self.
A painting should make
you stop and take notice of
it, walk up to it
and take a closer look at the
details. My art should make you
feel or think a certain way,
or even question yourself. I
am not saying that my
art does all this, and
if it doesn't, it's most
likely not for you. But if
something in it strikes a
chord in you, I'm willing to
bet it will look great over
your couch!


If you ask me what took me to start painting I would say that the painting was the exteriorization of a very intense and internal need. My art had been hibernating inside me since my pre-adolescence days when I used to scribble and draw the edge of all my school notebooks. After I finished my studies I worked at banks and embassies, constituted a family, but I think deep in my subconscience I thought: " One day I will do something related to art". Happily this day arrived in my matured years of life when I was living in Milan (Italy). In the same building where I lived there was an Art Academy. I was very lucky and blessed to have had a professor (that I affectionately called „Maestro “) who taught me so much about all kinds of visual arts and was the person who motivated and encouraged me most.

When people ask me what sort of paintings I do I answer that I don`t think that I fit specifically in any cathegory. Initially I started doing mainly landscapes in oil. Then I discovered watercolor and I quite liked the technique, but it was not yet what suited me. Today I venture myself with mixed techniques having acrylic as basis of my passion: the abstracts. I would say I became very eclectic. I adore to look at a blank canvas and little by little start playing around with the colors, making movements, creating forms and compositions without rules or barriers. The abstracts give me a total freedom to create the „uncreatable“. I always say that each abstract is a piece of my heart transported to the canvas. If you would ask me what are my objectives when I start painting I would say that I only have the plastic, aesthetic objective in mind. I don`t really think too much, I just go on playing with the colors and in that process I get more and more enthusiastic until I reach that magical point when I say to myself „That`s it, that`s what I wanted“. Needless to say that not always the final result leads to satisfaction but to me what counts is this „just-do-it-feeling“ which is always very rewarding.

Do I like to take part at art exhibitions? Yes! - the more, the better. I find that art exhibitions are extremely important to the artist. Every artistic manifestation can only be worthwhile and justified when it reaches others. This is the artist`s expectation: to touch the spectator`s sensibility. If it pleases or not that`s another story because that hast to do with emotions, personal preference, sensibility and know-how. An art exhibition is a mixture of both: humility and courage at the same time. It´s like undressing oneself in front of a public. Projects for the future? I always have projects. I find that people who do not know where they want to go, will never get anywhere. I am not very keen on long-term projects. I prefer the short-term ones. But I do have a dream: to open a modern art gallery with workshops, frequent exhibitions of young national and international artists, a place for people interested in arts to meet, to talk, to study, to perform and of course a place to promote and sell art. Dreaming is allowed… and it`s free of charges!

The Internet has helped me a lot to promote me and my art. It´s the vehicle of modernity. One can not live whithout it in the modern times.. It is such a wonderful way to be able to show art permanently and to reach so many people all over the world without having the barriers of physical space or specific language.

Thanks and a big colourful hug to all !